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(Office) Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 1B
10115 Berlin
T:+49 (0)30 / 9 22 77 207

Chamäleon Chamäleon
Musik Theater Varieté
Rosenthaler Straße 40/41
10178 Berlin (Mitte)

telephone: +49 30 40 00 59 30
fax: +49 30 40 00 59 33

„Hackesche Höfe“ – a tourist spot in Berlin Mitte, famous for its architecture with plenty of hidden backyards. You may not only shop here or go out to eat, you can also be well entertained with music, theatre and a vaudeville show. The Chamäleon offers a dinner-show in an art-nouveau room inside an historic building. Since 1991 up to 300 guests are seated on small, cozy tables while artists perform on stage or even above their heads.

Friedrichstadtpalast Friedrichstadtpalast
Friedrichstraße 107
10117 Berlin (Mitte)

telephone: +49 30 23 26 23 26
fax: +49 30 23 26 23 23

Friedrichstadtpalast is unique both in terms of its show programme and its sheer dimensions: With more than 2800 square meters of performance space, it has the largest theatre stage in the world. The theatre located in Berlin Mitte at Friedrichstraße 107 was reopened in 1984 and is internationally famous for its outstanding ballet company of 60 women and men, its very versatile palace Orchestra and Germany’s only children’s revue.

QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin
Friedrichstraße 107
10117 Berlin (Mitte)

telephone: +49 1805 25 55 65

From Thursday to Sunday you may enjoy a fabulous German comedy program presented by Thomas Herrmann at “Quatsch Comedy Club”. Due to a famous TV show on commercial broadcast, the comedy club is known in all over Germany! If you have time for a laugh, you should arrive ahead of time in order to save good seats (the seats are not numbered!) Get your tickets at the box office or during the day at the ticket counter of the neighboring Friedrichstadtpalast (phone: 030/ 23 26 23 26).

Kunstfabrik Schlot Kunstfabrik Schlot
Jazz & Cabaret in den Edisonhöfen
Chausseestraße 18
10115 Berlin (Mitte)

telephone: +49 30 4482160
fax: +49 30 44043068

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The “Kunstfabrik Schlot” exists since the beginning of the 90s, first at Prenzlauer Berg and since April 2000 centrally located right in the middle of Berlin. The Club established a name during the turbulent time just after reunification as a small but classy address for live Jazz and cabaret, equally appreciated by artists and the audience. Red tape led to the relocation. The program entails daily Jazz and Cabaret live performances. The Schlot is an authentic place, dedicated to culture. It has a pleasant open minded, friendly, creative flair without the posh superficial attitude of the new bars in the Centre but also without the stuffiness of introverted Jazz cellars. The spacious facilities offer plenty seating and areas to stand, gather and chat. The interior of iron, stone and wood offer a unique feel.


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